June 17

Best Drill Press Vise – Helping You Choose

If you’ve ever used a drill press then it’s likely you’ve come across the problem where you are drilling a hole in your work piece but it keeps moving. If this is a problem that you often encounter in your workshop then you definitely need a drill press vise. The drill press vise is usually clamped onto the work table of the drill press so that it stays securely in place. There are a ton of different options and prices when it comes to these tools so getting the best drill press vise isn’t always a breeze. However, we will still do our best to make the buying process simple for you by going over all of the important details that you should know to ensure you get a product of good quality. Take a look at some of our top picks for the best drill press vise below.

The HFS cross slide is a high end option with a lot of advanced features. It can easily work to turn your drill press into a milling machine. This drill press vise will allow you to easily and accurately drill holes in metal objects time and time again by holding your work piece firmly in place. Although this vise from HFS is primarily aimed at the drill press, it can also be attached to and used with various other tools, like the lathe. The jaws on this vise are made from patterned stainless steel so that it grips objects tightly and prevents slippage. The HFS features to swiveling handles so it is very maneuverable. With a throat width of about 3 inches it’s perfect for most tasks you will face in the work shop.



This drill press vise from WEN is a solid cast iron work horse. The WEN 423DPV is easy to use and therefore suitable for both beginners and more demanding experts. This tool right here is ideal for keeping metal plastic, wood and more securely held in place for precision drilling of repeated holes. As mentioned before, the construction is cast iron, which means this tool is very solid and will not break or damage easily. Cast iron construction means that as well as being solid and durable, it also has increased stability. The stability is greater than the vises which are light weight because it has more downward force creating a more solid and secure clamp. Like the HFS, this drill press vise from WEN has 3 inches throat opening, more than enough for most jobs.




As you know, if you’re reading this guide – having a good drill press vise can make all the difference. It’s a massive benefit to your accuracy and productivity if you have one as they hold your work piece in place in such a way that isn’t possible with any other tool. As mentioned earlier, it can be overwhelming trying to choose one when you’re presented with a vast array of different choices. For the best outcome it’s a good idea to read as many reviews as you can, and also buy from a well known brand like WEN.

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April 10

Best Handsaw – Buying Guide

The Hand Saw is a must have tool for just about everyone, and especially if you’re in a profession like building, wood-work, carpentry or something similar. The handsaw has far too numerous uses to list them all, but here are some: cutting trees/plant branches back, cutting wooden planks for the deck, cutting through plastic sheets or pipes, sawing off bits of wood while building a house. So as you can see most people need to have a good hand saw in their possession, even every day Joe’s.

One great thing about owning a hand saw is that it is a very portable tool. It does not require a power source, fuel or batteries. All you need to operate a hand saw is a bit of “elbow grease”. Because they’re a portable tool they’re great to have as a builder, as they’re easy to take to and from various work-sites. The hand saw is essentially just a metal blade attached to a plastic (usually) handle. The metal blade should be made out of high quality steel so that it is rigid, yet still allows some flex. Generally the metal blade on the saw has pointed shape teeth designed to stay sharp over time and cut efficiently.

As you can see the hand saw is a relatively simple tool. However, there’s still plenty of nuance involved in picking the right hand saw for you. In order to simplify this often confusing decision, we’ve taken a look at one of the top hand saws on the market.

IRWIN 20 inch Hand Saw



For those serious about woodworking, or if you’re a professional builder then the IRWIN Universal 20 inch Hand saw is a fantastic option for you, and is the best hand saw, from my experience. IRWIN is known to produce high quality tools, and offer great customer support, so with this option you can sleep easy. When you’re sawing all day for your work you need a tool that can be extremely efficient. Thankfully this handsaw comes with triple-ground teeth made specially to cut through wood quickly. These triple ground teeth saw through wood up to three times faster than regular hand saws are able to. On top of that, this saw is also designed with ergonomics in mind, which is important when you’re holding your saw a lot you need it to be highly ergonomic so you don’t develop some kind of wrist strain or injury. You can be sure that IRWIN make great quality tools, it’s easy to tell when you visit a wood working forum that they’re well respected as a brand. I also purchase my other tools from irwin, and if you’re looking for a saw, maybe you also need a bench vise. They’re great to have on your work bench for holding pieces of wood in place while you saw through them. If that sounds like something you’re interested in check out the best bench vise guide.

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March 8

Best Bench Grinder – How to choose one

Bench grinders are a very useful machine to have in your garage.  This is true whether you’re just an everyday handyman, or if you’re a professional needing a bench grinder for your work. Because the bench grinder is such an important tool you need to make sure that you get a good one. Not all bench grinders are built with the same quality standards, but fear not – this guide aims to help make the purchasing decision an easy one by going over everything you need to know before you buy! Keep reading to find out more, we’ll go over the most important parts to help you get the best bench grinder for the money!


Important details for choosing a bench grinder

What type of grinding wheel?

The most fundamental part of any bench grinder is the grinding wheel. The wheel is the part that actually does the grinding, in other words, the part that spins and is located either side of the motor. So since this is such a crucial part of the tool, it’s worth giving some considerations as to what type of wheel to get. Although, you can always replace the wheels at a later time after you’ve purchased your machine. Some wheels have a much more coarse surface which is what you need for grinding certain types of materials. And on the other hand, you can get wheels which have a very fine grain on them, and remove material at a much slower rate. For most people a medium coarse wheel is just right


Well Built and Durable

It’s crucial to make sure that the grinder you opt for is made out of quality materials, and is well built. That way you can comfortably assume that it will do its job without breaking down, or having any mechanical issues. To ensure that the grinder you’re considering is quality, check out some bench grinder reviews. In general it is a good idea to go for brands that are well known to make high quality products, WEN tools are a good example. Another useful source of information when it comes to finding out how durable a grinder is built, is online forums, you can find many online communities to talk with about power tools.


Customer Support

You should choose your bench grinder from a manufacturer that offers good customer support. It can come in handy if you have any issues down the line. Some brands have great over the phone support, where as other brands don’t have any of this kind of help. You should also check out the warranty of the grinder before you buy it. In an ideal world you would not need a warranty, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Even with the highly reputed brands there are occasionally faults that can slip through the quality control.


How Powerful Is it?

Will you need a very powerful machine, or something more lightweight and less powerful? This depends on the sort of grinding works that you need to do, and on what sort of metals. You should check out the horsepower rating of whichever grinder you’re looking into, to make sure that it’s up to the job. The higher the HP, the more power and speed it will be able to produce. Some grinders even have a feature that allows you to adjust the RPM. This is ideal because you can alternate between low RPM and high RPM, for different materials. It’s best to get one with at least 1000 RPM otherwise it won’t be very effective.

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January 15

Picking the right Angle Grinder for your tasks

It’s a great idea for every man to have a good stock of tools in his home. So, if you’re thinking about some tool shopping, then one of the best tools to consider adding to your collection is the Angle Grinder. Not all of them offer the same quality and build excellence as the top models do. So hopefully this article can help you find one that is going to suit you perfectly, and be reliable.


What Is An Angle Grinder?

The Angle grinder is a type of grinding tool that has many purposes. It can be used for various things like cutting, grinding and your polishing needs. These are highly convenient and user-friendly tools that offer us a variety of functions at home and in the shed.

What you must know before you buy an angle grinder

To get the best angle grinder, there are important facts to consider. We go over them below in detail so you’re well informed when you go shopping.


  • Size of the disc:

The size of the disc is something you aught to be aware of. the disc is the wheel of the grinder that performs the grinding task. While buying a grinder, choose the size accurately according to your needs. The size of the disc you will need depends on the extent of the work that needs to be performed. You can find the various disc sizes for the grinders in the market ranging from 3″ – 9″+.

  • Speed:

Speed is another factor that is crucial to weigh up in the decision regarding buying an Angle grinder. The speed of an angle grinder is calculated in revolutions per minute and higher the revolutions per minute the more the angle grinder will work effectively.

  • The handle of the grinder:

While working with the machinery like angle grinders, it’s best to make sure you’r safe first of all. So for purchasing an angle grinder for your home, always check the handle. An angle grinder with the adjustable handle offers the best comfort and ergonomics. An adjustable handle also offers the users freedom to work with the grinder using both of their hands. Not only this, but a good handle will make sure the job is done accurately, and with precision.

  • Anti-vibration:

An angle grinder can only offer precision and efficiency if it’s not vibrating too much. an angle grinder uses a powerful motor for the grinding task so because of this it must have a way to manage the vibrations. Otherwise it can be rather inaccurate, and hard to hold onto properly.

  • Extra Grinder Attachments:

Always consider what optional extra comes with a specific model grinder. It always depends on the task you’d like to perform; you may even need specific disc add-ons or attachments for polishing (which can be purchased separately or as part of the package). Consider purchasing a tool like this to be an investment – that way you will base your buying decision on what will get you the most use for the money in the long term.

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December 1

What you need to know about the drill press

Before you buy a new drill press you need to consider all the important factors regarding which model is right for you! For a start what is a drill press? It’s basically just a drill that’s mounted either to a bench/table or to the floor. They’re great for wood work, or metal work. You’ll find they get jobs done much more efficiently than a hand drill would do for the same job. They also save your arms a lot of work – By utilizing leverage.

Regardless of whether you’re a professional woodworker, or just a tinkerer in your spare time a drill press is a great investment. They’re fantastic for aluminum, steel, wood of all sorts, and even glass! Although depending on the material you will need to get the right drill bit accordingly. For example if you try to drill glass with a normal drill but you’re going to have some major issues! As well as risking getting yourself injured.

These days most decent drill presses will have variable speed adjustment settings, which is a bonus. The variable speed settings mean you can make the drill bit go faster, or slower, depending on what you’re drilling into. You should go for a drill press that has 1/4 Horsepower, or more, otherwise they can struggle with heavy duty tasks. You should go for a well known brand and model like the craftsman 12 inch, as they are known to be built to a high quality standard. That being said, it’s still a great idea to check that the machine you choose comes with some kind of warranty or consumer protection, in case you do run into issues.

If you like creating jewelry or other small crafts, then A Mini drill press is perfect for this (See this video). These are also highly portable little machines. Other than for the niche uses like jewellery most people use a benchtop drill, which is a good medium between portability and power. Don’t forget to check out drill press reviews before you buy, there’s always more to learn about these fascinating and useful tools!

Another useful tip is that you should always check the manual! In my time using a drill press I’ve found that the best way to not make mistakes is to first of all become very familiar with your machine. You can do this by reading your manual, watching videos, and asking more experienced experts.


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