April 10

Best Handsaw – Buying Guide

The Hand Saw is a must have tool for just about everyone, and especially if you’re in a profession like building, wood-work, carpentry or something similar. The handsaw has far too numerous uses to list them all, but here are some: cutting trees/plant branches back, cutting wooden planks for the deck, cutting through plastic sheets or pipes, sawing off bits of wood while building a house. So as you can see most people need to have a good hand saw in their possession, even every day Joe’s.

One great thing about owning a hand saw is that it is a very portable tool. It does not require a power source, fuel or batteries. All you need to operate a hand saw is a bit of “elbow grease”. Because they’re a portable tool they’re great to have as a builder, as they’re easy to take to and from various work-sites. The hand saw is essentially just a metal blade attached to a plastic (usually) handle. The metal blade should be made out of high quality steel so that it is rigid, yet still allows some flex. Generally the metal blade on the saw has pointed shape teeth designed to stay sharp over time and cut efficiently.

As you can see the hand saw is a relatively simple tool. However, there’s still plenty of nuance involved in picking the right hand saw for you. In order to simplify this often confusing decision, we’ve taken a look at one of the top hand saws on the market.

IRWIN 20 inch Hand Saw



For those serious about woodworking, or if you’re a professional builder then the IRWIN Universal 20 inch Hand saw is a fantastic option for you, and is the best hand saw, from my experience. IRWIN is known to produce high quality tools, and offer great customer support, so with this option you can sleep easy. When you’re sawing all day for your work you need a tool that can be extremely efficient. Thankfully this handsaw comes with triple-ground teeth made specially to cut through wood quickly. These triple ground teeth saw through wood up to three times faster than regular hand saws are able to. On top of that, this saw is also designed with ergonomics in mind, which is important when you’re holding your saw a lot you need it to be highly ergonomic so you don’t develop some kind of wrist strain or injury. You can be sure that IRWIN make great quality tools, it’s easy to tell when you visit a wood working forum that they’re well respected as a brand. I also purchase my other tools from irwin, and if you’re looking for a saw, maybe you also need a bench vise. They’re great to have on your work bench for holding pieces of wood in place while you saw through them. If that sounds like something you’re interested in check out the best bench vise guide.

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