March 8

Best Bench Grinder – How to choose one

Bench grinders are a very useful machine to have in your garage.  This is true whether you’re just an everyday handyman, or if you’re a professional needing a bench grinder for your work. Because the bench grinder is such an important tool you need to make sure that you get a good one. Not all bench grinders are built with the same quality standards, but fear not – this guide aims to help make the purchasing decision an easy one by going over everything you need to know before you buy! Keep reading to find out more, we’ll go over the most important parts to help you get the best bench grinder for the money!


Important details for choosing a bench grinder

What type of grinding wheel?

The most fundamental part of any bench grinder is the grinding wheel. The wheel is the part that actually does the grinding, in other words, the part that spins and is located either side of the motor. So since this is such a crucial part of the tool, it’s worth giving some considerations as to what type of wheel to get. Although, you can always replace the wheels at a later time after you’ve purchased your machine. Some wheels have a much more coarse surface which is what you need for grinding certain types of materials. And on the other hand, you can get wheels which have a very fine grain on them, and remove material at a much slower rate. For most people a medium coarse wheel is just right


Well Built and Durable

It’s crucial to make sure that the grinder you opt for is made out of quality materials, and is well built. That way you can comfortably assume that it will do its job without breaking down, or having any mechanical issues. To ensure that the grinder you’re considering is quality, check out some bench grinder reviews. In general it is a good idea to go for brands that are well known to make high quality products, WEN tools are a good example. Another useful source of information when it comes to finding out how durable a grinder is built, is online forums, you can find many online communities to talk with about power tools.


Customer Support

You should choose your bench grinder from a manufacturer that offers good customer support. It can come in handy if you have any issues down the line. Some brands have great over the phone support, where as other brands don’t have any of this kind of help. You should also check out the warranty of the grinder before you buy it. In an ideal world you would not need a warranty, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Even with the highly reputed brands there are occasionally faults that can slip through the quality control.


How Powerful Is it?

Will you need a very powerful machine, or something more lightweight and less powerful? This depends on the sort of grinding works that you need to do, and on what sort of metals. You should check out the horsepower rating of whichever grinder you’re looking into, to make sure that it’s up to the job. The higher the HP, the more power and speed it will be able to produce. Some grinders even have a feature that allows you to adjust the RPM. This is ideal because you can alternate between low RPM and high RPM, for different materials. It’s best to get one with at least 1000 RPM otherwise it won’t be very effective.

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